Temporarily CLOSED due to flood

We will be closed until we find a new location.

On December 1, a pipe burst in the basement and flooded our shop with 4 feet of water. The flood caused damage to the electrical system, which is too expensive to repair given that the building is scheduled to be demolished in 2016. Thus, we need to find a new location and will be closed until we do. A big thank you to all the volunteers who helped clean out the puddles, bikes, and bike stuff so far. There will be much  more to do once we find a new (and hopefully permanent) location.


We’re not your average bike shop.

We are a social enterprise that keeps bikes out of the garbage, encourages sustainable transportation, and supports the local community. Here at the Bike Exchange, we:

  1. Sell reasonably priced, used and new, bicycles, parts, and accessories in our store.
  2. Repair bicycles.
  3. Offer volunteer and educational opportunities.
  4. Accept donations of bikes, bike parts, and bike accessories.
  5. Raise money to support the Boys & Girls Club of Newark.

We depend on Volunteers keep the shop successful. Learn more and lend a hand.

*The Newark Bike Exchange is one of a growing number of Bike Exchanges in New Jersey. Bike Exchanges also reside in Newark, Trenton, Plainfield, and New Brunswick. To learn more, visit bikeexchangenj.org.

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